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今天我的密匙又可以在 Github 下使用了(在 Firefox 里)。希望昨天的情况只是偶发事件。

Turns out my keys work fine on Github under Firefox today. Hopefully it is just a one-time-thing.

我最近开始使用安全密钥作为除一次性密码之外的双重认证手段。 然而让我感到沮丧的是,许多网站只在 Chrome 下完整支持安全密钥,比如 Google (注册新密钥必须使用 Chrome ,但 Firefox 正在修复这一问题),和 Github (“我们建议更新到最新的 Google Chrome 以开始使用安全密钥设备”)。考虑到微软最近的 Edge 和 Skype 更新,不难猜到幕后黑手是谁。

I've started using security keys in conjunction with OTP for 2FA. However, it really frustrates me that a number of websites only fully support security key under Chrome, namely Google (registering new keys only work in Chrome, but Firefox is making a fix), and now Github ("We recommend updating to the latest Google Chrome to start using security key devices"). Considering MS's Edge rebuild and Skype refresh, I guess that's why we can't have nice things.

今年我已经跑了 402 英里!由于年中的时候偷懒了好一段时间,我的 1000 英里计划不大可能实现了,不过还有明年!😆

So far I've ran 402 miles this year! I largely slacked off during mid year so there goes my grand 1000 mile plan, but there's always the next year. 😆


The speed drop over powerline ethernet adapters is a lot greater than I expected, making the weaker WiFi signal actually the more desirable choice here.


It just occurred to me nearly half of 2018 has passed. So far I'm a bit behind the pace on my 1000-mile goal, with only 340 miles so far. I totally blame the weather on this one---running at 100 °F is pretty exhausting. I've finished 5 blog posts this year (that's 10 counting both languages), with 3 more in the works, which is pretty good progress.

由于 Github 被微软收购,我正在着手把一些个人用代码仓库转移到我自己的服务器上的 Gitea 里。 Gitea 的设置过程非常简单明快,而且比 Gitlab 要省资源得多。我觉得有着庞大用户群和流量的 Github 可以称得上是在线代码托管服务中的 Youtube ,所以我还是希望 Github 能够保持高质量的服务。

I am planning on hosting most personal repositories on my Gitea instance now that Github is acquired by Microsoft. Gitea is a breeze to setup and a lot less resource hungry than Gitlab. Hopefully Github remains awesome - I feel Github is basically Youtube of online git repositories because of its large traffic compared to other services.


May 7th-13th: 21.0 miles in 03:06.
May 14th-20th: 13.4 miles in 01:54.
May 21st-27th: 19.9 miles in 04:12.
I ran my first trail half marathon yesterday and finished in just over 3 hours, inline with my expectations.

5月5日: 6.3英里耗时00:55。

Apr 24th: 2.2 miles in 00:18.
Apr 27th: 6.1 miles in 00:49.
Apr 29th: 5 miles (trail) in 01:01.
May 1st: 1.2 miles in 00:11.
May 3rd: 4.9 miles in 00:41.
May 4th: 4.1 miles in 00:34.
May 5th: 6.3 miles in 00:55.
I'm preparing for a upcoming trail half-marathon, so I mixed in some trail runs over the weekends. Running on trails was a lot more fun, although I hope I can find a trail with fewer cyclers.

虽然我一直在试图减少对社交媒体/外界服务的依赖,但我最近却注册了一项新服务 Strava 。我这么做的主要原因是我最近发现一个我经常用的跑步定位应用程序, Moves ,在多年前就被 Facebook 并购了。在没有更好的选择下,我开始开始使用Strava来记录我的跑步过程。

On a side note, despite my effort to minimize social media/external services I use, I started using Strava to track my runs. I made the switch mainly because I recently found out the Moves app that I regularly use was bought by Facebook years ago. Now I need something else to track my runs and without better options, I picked Strava.

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