While listening to the pillow's "Come On, Ghost", it struck me that if I were to keep two cats and name them Beast and Ghost respectively, I'll have legitimate reason to call out "Come on, Ghost; Come on, Beast" randomly.

Looks like Google Inbox's web front end is still alive as of April 2nd! I've switched away from the Inbox app on my phone, and set up forwarding on Gmail so that I can use the stock iOS Mail app. However, I still much prefer Inbox's web front end to that of Gmail. Let's see how much longer it will last.

Turns out my keys work fine on Github under Firefox today. Hopefully it is just a one-time-thing.

I've started using security keys in conjunction with OTP for 2FA. However, it really frustrates me that a number of websites only fully support security key under Chrome, namely Google (registering new keys only work in Chrome, but Firefox is making a fix), and now Github ("We recommend updating to the latest Google Chrome to start using security key devices"). Considering MS's Edge rebuild and Skype refresh, I guess that's why we can't have nice things.

So far I've ran 402 miles this year! I largely slacked off during mid year so there goes my grand 1000 mile plan, but there's always the next year. 😆

The speed drop over powerline ethernet adapters is a lot greater than I expected, making the weaker WiFi signal actually the more desirable choice here.

It just occurred to me nearly half of 2018 has passed. So far I'm a bit behind the pace on my 1000-mile goal, with only 340 miles so far. I totally blame the weather on this one---running at 100 °F is pretty exhausting. I've finished 5 blog posts this year (that's 10 counting both languages), with 3 more in the works, which is pretty good progress.

I am planning on hosting most personal repositories on my Gitea instance now that Github is acquired by Microsoft. Gitea is a breeze to setup and a lot less resource hungry than Gitlab. Hopefully Github remains awesome - I feel Github is basically Youtube of online git repositories because of its large traffic compared to other services.

May 7th-13th: 21.0 miles in 03:06.
May 14th-20th: 13.4 miles in 01:54.
May 21st-27th: 19.9 miles in 04:12.
I ran my first trail half marathon yesterday and finished in just over 3 hours, inline with my expectations.

Apr 24th: 2.2 miles in 00:18.
Apr 27th: 6.1 miles in 00:49.
Apr 29th: 5 miles (trail) in 01:01.
May 1st: 1.2 miles in 00:11.
May 3rd: 4.9 miles in 00:41.
May 4th: 4.1 miles in 00:34.
May 5th: 6.3 miles in 00:55.
I'm preparing for a upcoming trail half-marathon, so I mixed in some trail runs over the weekends. Running on trails was a lot more fun, although I hope I can find a trail with fewer cyclers.

On a side note, despite my effort to minimize social media/external services I use, I started using Strava to track my runs. I made the switch mainly because I recently found out the Moves app that I regularly use was bought by Facebook years ago. Now I need something else to track my runs and without better options, I picked Strava.

Apr 16th: 4 miles in 00:32.
Apr 18th: 2.5 miles in 00:19.
Apr 19th: 2.5 miles in 00:22.
Apr 20th: 3.5 miles in 00:29.
Apr 22th: 13.3 miles in 2:00:35.
I started running with hydration pack, water bottles, and a small stash of food to prepare myself for longer runs. So far it's going well. My new, better cushioning socks are amazing - pain in my feet disappeared immediately, and I finally felt well enough to do a half marathon after quite a few months of hiatus.

Apr 14th: 9 miles in 01:15.
After consciously increaseing my cadance for a few runs, I finally noticed source of the outer calf pain: I was overstriding and thus bending my ankles a lot more often than necessary. Once I figured that out, the run become quite a lot easier. This is the best time I have ever got on a 9 miler!

Apr 13th: 6 miles in 00:53.
To be fair it's 80 degrees F today, so I blame the weather. 😏

Apr 8th: 6 miles in 00:54.
Apr 10th: 6 miles in 00:49.
I am trying to increase my cadance from ~160 to ~180. Supposedly higher cadance with shorter stride distance actually lowers impact on joints while achieving higher speed. It seems to be working so far: I haven't finished 6 miles in 50 minutes since last September. I did feel a bit more strain on outer calf muscles and had to loosen my shoe laces, but these went away today.

Apr 5th: upper body workout and 4 miles in 00:34.
Let's see if I can keep this 8.5 minute mile pace.

Apr 3rd: 6 miles in 00:51.
Looks like running in opposite direction does help.

Mar 30th: 6 miles in 00:55.
Mar 31th: 4 miles in 00:36.
I tried some upper body workouts before running today and it felt pretty good actually.

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